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    25 September 2019, Volume 35 Issue 09
    Suggestions on Market-based Mineral Resources Reserve Review Management
    KOU Ting, LIU Ze-Qun, HAN Bao-Fu
    2019, 35(09):  1-4. 
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    With the diversification of mining investment entities and the deepening of marketization,the current mineral resources assessment system can not fully adapt to the market environment under the new situation,in order to solve the market demand for mineral resources reserves assessment and existing resource reserves review mechanism under the new situation,and the contradiction of the review process,correctly handle the relationship between the government and the market,improve the operational mechanism of the market-based mineral resources reserve review,and fully activate the mining market elements.The current policies,regulations,systems,departmental rules and new requirements of the mineral resources reserve assessment has been detailed carried out,and detailed analysis of the existing problems in the current assessment system was conducted,and proposed to revise the mineral resources reserves review filing documents.The relevant provisions suggest the path of establishing a market-oriented,modernized and competitive mineral resource reserve evaluation and evaluation institution,and clarify the main scope of market-level mineral resources reserve evaluation.
    Mineralization and Enrichment Regularity and Prospecting Prospect Analysis of Tongxin Antimony Deposit in Anhua
    FENG Jing-Ping
    2019, 35(09):  11-14. 
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    Tongxin antimony deposit has favorable geological conditions for mineralization,but its previous research level is relatively low.In order to systematically evaluate its prospecting potential,this paper discusses the genesis of the deposit,evaluates its prospecting potential and provides a basis for the further geological work of the deposit through the analysis and research on the geological characteristics of the deposit,mineralization enrichment rules,prospecting criteria,etc.The research shows that:①The concentric antimony deposit ore bodies are mainly located in grey,grayish green sandy slate,silty slate and metasandstone in the lower member of Wuqiangxi Formation of Banxi Group,and are controlled by secondary feather structure on the upper wall of F1 fault;② The thickness and grade of ore bodies vary greatly,and the ore bodies are enriched in local sections;③The material sources of the deposit are multi-sources,and the genetic type of the deposit is mesothermal liquid filling type.④ The ore deposit has good metallogenic conditions,obvious mineralization and good prospecting potential in the deep part,which can be used for further mineral exploration.
    Application of Geological Stress Trace Prospecting Method in Zhenping Qiushuwan Copper-molybdenum Mine
    KUANG Guo-Ming
    2019, 35(09):  15-17. 
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    Using the principle of geological stress tracing to find blind ore bodies is a common geological prospecting method in mines at present.This paper introduces in detail the methods and steps of how to use geological stress tracing to find blind ore bodies,and uses this prospecting method to predict new blind ore bodies in Zhenping Liushuwan Copper-molybdenum Mine Area,and passes through pits.The revelation of Dao project proves that it has certain reliability and accuracy in geological prospecting,and it has certain reference significance in searching for blind ore bodies in similar mines.
    Geological Characteristics and Metallogenic Mechanism of Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit in Habuchuri,Inner Mongolia
    WANG Yong
    2019, 35(09):  18-21. 
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    Geological characteristics and metallogenic mechanism of Habuchuri Pb-Zn-Ag deposit are analyzed.The study results show that:①Habuchuri deposit is a small porphyry-skarn-hydrothermal medium-low temperature Pb-Zn-Ag deposit in Inner Mongolia;②the formation of ore-bodies are significantly affected by the structures,and the main ore-controlling structures are mainly for the NNE structural belt and the NW and NE brittle faults in the Weiner River area;③the mineralization period of the deposit is Yanshanian,Yanshanian intermediate-acid small rocks are the main source of heat and materials in the area,they intruded into the favorable structural parts for many times and metasomatism occurred with the "silica-calcium surface" of arkose,siltstone and calcareous siltstone in hongshuiquan formation of the surrounding rock and enriched the ore;④the geochemical anomalies in the area are good indicators of ore-bodies,pyritization,silicification and skarnization are closely related to mineralization.The above research results can provide reliable reference to further expand the prospecting prospect in this area.
    Study on Ground Pressure Distribution Law of Ultra-deep Mine in No.2 Mining Area of Jinchuan Group
    NIU Meng, LIU Yong-Feng, SHI Ai-Guo, LIU Li-Hua
    2019, 35(09):  37-42. 
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    In view of the obvious ground pressure appearances in deep mining (mining depth exceeding 1 000 m) of No.2 Mining Area of Jinchuan Group,the on-line micro-seismic monitoring system for deep ground pressure has been established in the underground,and the all-weather continuous monitoring and analysis of ground pressure activity in mine have been realized.The characteristics,identification models and effective rock fracture micro-seismic signals of various micro-seismic monitoring signals produced by deep mining in No.2 Mining Area of Jinchuan Group have been extracted and obtained.The spatial activity law of microseismic events and the distribution law of ground pressure in deep mining are revealed,which effectively guarantees the safe mining of mines.
    Study on the Strength and Reinforcement Ratio of the Artificial Roof of Underhand Drift Cut-and-fill Stoping
    HUANG Dan, ZHENG Zhi-Jie, CUI Song
    2019, 35(09):  43-46. 
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    Constructing the artificial roof is the key and precondition of safe and efficient cut-and-fill mining in underhand drift stoping.Filling strength and reinforcement ratio of the artificial roof are correlative and related to the safety and economics of ore extraction directly.The method of computing the bearing load of the artificial roof is optimized by constructing a multi-layered pressure-arch model.Based on thin plate theory,elastic mechanics theory and the mining technology of underhand drift cut-and-fill stoping,the strength of the backfilling artificial roof is resolved.The design method of reinforced concrete structure is applied to compute the reinforcement ratio of the bearing layer of underhand drift cut-and-fill stoping.The whole scheme design of the artificial roof's strength and reinforcement ratio is presented,and for one gold-silver mine that applied large structural parameter (5 m×5 m),the strength and reinforcement ratio are determined.The thickness of the artificial roof is 2 m,the strength is no less than5 Mpa,bar-mat reinforcement (12mm HRB335) is 300 mm×300 mm,the ratio of reinforcement is 0.106%.The research is instructive and meaningful to constructing the artificial roof and applying underhand drift cut-and-fill mining method safely and efficiently.
    Application of Pre-splitting Blasting Technology in Open Stope Backfill Mining Method
    LI Long-Fu, CHEN Neng-Ge, ZHU Lei, JIANG Dong-Ping
    2019, 35(09):  47-49. 
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    Through the application of technical research in a mining enterprise,the subsection backfill mining method is adopted to replace the horizontal layer-up backfill mining method with low efficiency and high labor intensity in the ore storage area where the mining conditions are met,and the medium-length hole pre-splitting blasting technology is introduced.Through the pre-splitting blasting design and field blasting test,the suitable design scheme of medium and deep hole pre-splitting blasting is determined.The successful application of this blasting scheme not only plays a key role in the smoothing and stability of the rock walls on both sides of the mining room after mining,but also ensures the safety of personnel and equipment,and is beneficial to improve the operating efficiency of enterprises,and more in line with the development concept of modern enterprise with people-oriented,environmental protection and safety.
    Intelligent Design of Blasting Parameters Based on T-S Fuzzy Neural Network
    WEI Jun, CHI Zhen-Lin, ZHANG Xing-Fan
    2019, 35(09):  50-55. 
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    Aiming at the problems of complicated work and large amount of tasks in the design of blasting parameters of underground mines,an intelligent design model of blasting parameters of underground mines based on T-S fuzzy neural network is established to realize the rapid and intelligent design of blasting parameters.Taking the deep-hole blasting in underground mine of a mine as the research object,this paper collects a large number of field measured data of the mine,and takes the compressive strength,tensile strength,initial elastic modulus,elastic modulus,Poisson's ratio,cohesion,internal friction angle,hole bottom distance and row distance as input variables.Using BP neural network and T-S fuzzy neural network,different prediction models of blasting parameters of underground mine are established.The results show that the prediction model of blasting parameters of underground mine is different.T-S fuzzy neural network has higher accuracy and faster operation time.It can better express the non-linear relationship between blasting parameters and main control factors.The mean square error between the predicted value and the target value of the network reaches 1.375 9×10-5.The model has the best prediction effect.It provides a reference basis for the design of blasting parameters of underground mines.
    Study on the Influence of the Local Sag Terrain on the Propagation of Explosion Seismic Waves
    LI Wan-Tao, ZHAO Kai, XU Cheng-Yan, LI Hong-Gang
    2019, 35(09):  56-60. 
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    In order to explore the influence of local sag terrain on the propagation of explosive seismic waves,the propagation characteristics of explosion seismic waves in square,V-shaped and U-shaped terrains are studied by using three-dimensional finite element numerical simulation method.The study found that for the same topography,the order of the velocity peaks of the measuring points is Vx>Vy>Vz; in the case of the same H and W,the U-shaped terrain has the best damping effect; The frequency domain width and the dominant frequency are affected by the different local topography .After the seismic wave passes through the V-shaped and U-shaped terrains,the dominant frequency moves toward the high frequency direction,and the dominant frequency moves toward the low frequency direction after the square terrains.
    Application of Controlling Mining Technology on the South End of Dongming Opencast Coal Mine
    CHAI Mao-Qi
    2019, 35(09):  61-63. 
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    Since 2011,Dongming opencast coal mine has carried on the research and exploration to the mining technology of the steep side coal in the process of production practice step by step.In order to explore the effective application of the control mining technology of the steep slope in Dongming open pit coal mine,an in-depth study has been carried out in 2017 in all-round way.In this paper,the geological conditions,exposure time and safety factor of the southern slope are analyzed,monitored and calculated on the spot.Only 2018 more than three hundred and sixty two thousand five hundred and ninety nine tons of coal production,creating a direct economic value of 54.39 million yuan.The successful application of the control mining technology in Dongming opencast coal mine has greatly improved the economic benefit and comprehensive mining level of coal resources.
    Seepage and Stability Simulation Analysis of a Tailings Dam by Blind Drainage Ditch Layout
    HAN Ya-Bing, CUI Xuan
    2019, 35(09):  68-71. 
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    In order to explore the influence of different blind drainage ditch layout on the seepage and stability of tailings dam.Taking a tailings dam as an example in this paper,the seepage field,pore water pressure and stability of the dam body are simulated and analyzed in five types of drainage patterns: without blind ditch,horizontal blind ditch in the tailing silty sand,vertical and horizontal blind ditch in the tailing silty sand,horizontal blind ditch in the tail silt soil,vertical and horizontal blind ditch in the tail silt soil.The results show that the type of vertical and horizontal blind ditch in the tail silt soil has the greatest influence on the depth of phreatic line and safety factor of dam body.And the influence of different layout patterns on seepage and stability of tailings dam are compared.It can provide a reference for drainage design of a tailings dam.
    Deformation Characteristic of Surrounding Rock of Roadway in Soft Coal Seam and Its Controlling Technology
    ZHANG Hai-Hong
    2019, 35(09):  72-74. 
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    Aiming at the difficult problem of large deformation of surrounding rock and serious failure of support structure of roadway in soft coal seam,distribution characteristics of displacement,stress and plastic zone of surrounding rock is analyzed by way of numerical simulation,taking Huagaishan 104 working face headway as the engineering background,based on the analysis of deformation characteristics of roadway surrounding rock.The result shows the main reasons for the serious deformation of surrounding rock are the low strength of coal seam,the poor cementation and the unreasonable supporting mode.The plastic zone of surrounding rock is small,the stress concentration zone is located in the deep part,and the distance to the roadway center is more than 6m,so that good engineering application effect is achieved.
    Study on "Three Zones" of Coal Spontaneous Combustion in Goaf Area
    LI Zhong-Xun, AN Qin-Fang, CHEN Wei
    2019, 35(09):  75-77. 
    Asbtract ( 83 )  
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    In order to achieve the safety recovery of 1072 comprehensive mining face,the main parameters of the fire in the empty area were monitored by beam monitoring system,namely oxygen concentration,carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.Through the comprehensive analysis of the measured parameters of oxygen concentration,carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in the goaf area,the feasibility of the gas observation scheme of the observation pipeline arranged in the upper and lower lanes of the working surface is proved.This provides a basis for preventing spontaneous combustion and adopting scientific fire fighting techniques.
    Supporting Technology of Steel Arch Frame Leading Pipe Roof and Bolt in 225 m Return Roadway of Erdaohe Section of Dahongshan Iron Mine
    TIAN Hong-Lin, LI Chun-Hui, ZHOU Bin, CUI Yun-Mei, CAI Bao-Hua
    2019, 35(09):  78-80. 
    Asbtract ( 93 )   PDF  
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    The 225 m return airway excavation support project of the Erdaohe Mine Section of Dahongshan Iron Mine made three changes to the construction plan within 3 years.The particularity of the conditions and the defects of the previous two support schemes pose a greater safety risk to the construction.In order to ensure the safe and smooth passage of the excavation and support engineering,the first two support schemes were compared and analyzed,and the steel arched arch bolster support was determined.According to the principle of the interaction between surrounding rock and support and the difficulty of adjustment of the actual roadway support,the support is carried out from the concrete pouring after the excavation or the passive support of the channel steel bracket to the excavation before the excavation The transformation of the active support of the arched shack bolt support supports the deformation of the surrounding rock.After the implementation of the support technology,the roadway construction safety was ensured,the construction progress was accelerated,and the broken fault zone was smoothly passed.This support technology can be used as a reference for similar engineering construction.
    Three-dimensional Geological Modeling Method for Dynamic Management of Mineral Resources Reserves
    LIU Bo
    2019, 35(09):  81-83. 
    Asbtract ( 104 )   PDF  
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    At present,geological modeling by mining software is more and more widely used.Aiming at the problems of various modeling methods and results,inconsistent and non-standard data,and unable to realize dynamic management of reserves,the types and characteristics of three-dimensional geological model are analyzed.the construction ideas of standard first,model dynamic updating,collaborative design and production execution management based on three-dimensional geological models are put forward.And then realizing three-dimensional dynamic management of mineral resources reserves.
    FLAC3D Numerical Simulation Study on Deformation and Failure of Surrounding Rock of Roadway in 45 Degree Inclined Strata
    DU Wei
    2019, 35(09):  84-88. 
    Asbtract ( 99 )   PDF  
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    Large deformation accidents occur frequently in deep inclined strata roadways.In order to study the deformation and failure characteristics and mechanism of surrounding rock in 45 degree inclined strata,FLAC3D numerical simulation method is used to study the deformation and failure process of the surrounding rock in the 45-degree inclined strata.Distribution characteristics of displacement field,stress field and plastic zone of surrounding rock in this type of roadway are obtained.The obtained roadway deformation trend is consistent with the project site results.It is concluded that the deformation of the roadway will cause a certain range of rock stratum sliding; the unconformity of the normal deformation of the rock stratum near the roadway will lead to the bending and shearing of the rock stratum.The subsequent formation of the mobile structure is the direct cause of roadway deformation and instability.Through this study,the deformation and failure law of surrounding rock in inclined rock stratum roadway is obtained,which can provide reference for roadway support of similar projects.
    Application and Filling Strength Test of Fine-Grained Tailings Cement Filling Material in Dahongshan Iron Mine
    XU Yan-Fang, SONG Zhao-Gang, WEN Hai-Bin, MAI Zong-Hua, DONG Hui-Lin
    2019, 35(09):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 96 )   PDF  
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    Combined with the actual demand of Dahongshan Iron Mine,the application of the fine-grained tailings cementing filling material and the strength of the filling body are tested.The test results show that the new cementing material replaces the traditional Portland cement,and the classified tailings are cemented and filled with ash.When the cement sand ratio is 1∶10,it can meet the filling mining process requirements;when the full tailings are cemented,the new material cemented sand and sand ratio is 1∶8,28 d compressive strength and graded tailings cement cemented sandstone ratio 1∶4.28 d compressive strength of the sky is equivalent,which can effectively reduce the filling cost and has good economic and environmental benefits.
    Selection of Optimal Hole Spacing for Rapid Excavation in a Mine
    ZHAO Xin
    2019, 35(09):  92-94. 
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    Slow speed and low efficiency of 5308 bottom drainage roadway in a mine of Shanxi directly affect gas drainage in working face.In order to improve the above situation,the hole spacing is studied.Using ANSYS to simulate and analyze the effect of rapid tunneling under different hole spacing and verify it on site,the best hole spacing of the suitable mine is obtained.The results show that when the hole spacing is 500 mm,the crack growth area and rock damage area are the largest,and the effect of fast tunneling is the best.
    Calculation and Analysis of the Exposure Area of an Iron Mine Stope Stabiility
    WANG Hua-Ping
    2019, 35(09):  95-97. 
    Asbtract ( 102 )  
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    In order to calculate the exposed area of mine stability,the stability of surrounding rocks of roof,side wall and upper and lower wall in different stope sizes is calculated and analyzed by Mathews stability chart method.The exposed area of an iron ore roof,side wall and upper and lower wall surrounding rocks is obtained, and the stable exposed area range of an iron ore is obtained.So that the mine stability of roof,side wall and wall rock can be better controlled.
    Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Depressure Release Hole in Deep Mining of Sanshandao Gold Mine
    LI Wei, WANG Hu-Xin, WU Shan
    2019, 35(09):  98-102. 
    Asbtract ( 85 )   PDF  
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    Rockburst is a serious problem in deep mining of Sanshandao Gold Mine.In order to ensure the safety of the working face, this article puts forward a depressure release scheme, establishes a three-dimensional mathematical model to analyze the pressure relief effect, and carries out the implementation through the deep-780 m stope of the mine.The stress test results show that pressure relief holes can effectively form pressure relief area and reduce the probability of rock burst.
    Blasting of Roadway Driving in Luobusha Chromite Mine Tibet
    LI Xiao-Feng
    2019, 35(09):  106-108. 
    Asbtract ( 105 )   PDF  
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    In order to meet the requirements of construction period and roadway shaping after winning the bid,the Ministry of Project has completed blasting design and after many blasting tests,put forward tools and blasting parameters suitable for rock excavation in Luobusha Chromite Mine,Tibet.It mainly includes changing barrel-type cuts to wedge-type cuts,using eccentric drills to drill rocks,and improving the efficiency of ballasting by staged chute construction.Through one year's construction,the construction method has achieved good results.
    Influence of Geological Structure of Zhengyi Coal Mine on Water Inrush from Floor
    LI Jian-Ping
    2019, 35(09):  109-112. 
    Asbtract ( 95 )   PDF  
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    Aiming at the water inrush accident of the floor which seriously threatens the mine safety production,the influence of faults on the water inrush from the coal floor is studied through analysis.Based on the actual geological structure and fault characteristics of No.11 coal seam of Jiexiu Zhengyi Coal Industry Co.,Ltd.of Shanxi Coking Coal Group,this paper studies the influence of the geological structure of No.11 coal seam to be exploited on the floor water inrush,first analyzes the impact type of No.11 coal seam fault structure.Then calculate the width of the fault-proof water-proof coal pillar and analyze the influence of the hidden collapse column.Finally,the Dajing method was used to predict the water inrush of No.11 coal seam,and the risk of water inrush in No.11 coal seam was evaluated.
    Application of Hydraulic Fracturing Decompression Technology in Mine Roof Prevention and Control
    ZHANG Jun-Liang
    2019, 35(09):  116-117. 
    Asbtract ( 86 )   PDF  
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    Aiming at a series of safety problems caused by hard roof collapse in coal mining process,this paper takes a mine as the research background,and studies the feasibility of hydraulic fracturing and pressure relief technology by combining field monitoring and ABAQUS numerical simulation software.The research results have a strong guiding significance for the hard roof of overburden strata on the working face is difficult to collapse and the rock pressure appearing strength at the end of mining.
    Study on New Technology and Process of Ore Dressing in Beishan site of Nanfen Open Pit Iron Mine
    XIAO Qi-Fei, SHI Yun-Liang, LIU Jun
    2019, 35(09):  121-125. 
    Asbtract ( 100 )   PDF  
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    In order to explore the ore process of Beishan Site of Nanfen Open Pit Iron Mine,the process mineralogical research was carried out on the ore.According to the results of the process mineralogical research,three kinds of technological processes are designed for the stage grinding-low intensity magnetic separation-high intensity magnetic separation-magnetization roasting-low intensity magnetic separation process,stage grinding-low intensity magnetic separation-high intensity magnetic separation-reverse flotation process,and stage grinding-low intensity magnetic separation-high intensity magnetic separation-reverse flotation process.Laboratory process tests were carried out,the optimum process stage grinding-low intensity magnetic separation-high intensity magnetic separation-reverse flotation was determined.Satisfaction index of iron concentrate with iron grade over 66%,and iron recovery over 75% was obtained.
    Experimental Study on a New Copper and Molybdenum Separation Depressant MX in a Molybdenite Floatation
    WANG Qiu-Huan, ZHENG Can-Hui, GUO Hong-Shen, LI Hai-Ge
    2019, 35(09):  126-129. 
    Asbtract ( 108 )   PDF  
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    In order to respond to the national environmental protection policy,no cyanide was used in the ore processing process,and a new type of copper-molybdenum separation inhibitor MX was used as an inhibitor during the separation of copper-molybdenum from the Sandaozhuang ores of China Molybdenum Co.,Ltd.Test study of cyanide replacement.After four cleaning,two fine scavenging,and concentrate 1 regrinding closed-circuit process,molybdenum concentrate with grade of 47.89% and recovery rate of 84.23% can be obtained with a new inhibitor MX dosage of 35g/t.The molybdenum concentrate contains 0.09% copper.The recovery rate of copper is only 1.86%,flotation separation index is well.In the process of copper-molybdenum separation,the new copper-molybdenum separation inhibitor MX replaces cyanide and reduces the harm of ore dressing to the environment.
    New Ideas on Congo (gold) Cobalt Ore Processing
    ZHANG Han-Biao, XUE Wei, YI Yun-Lai
    2019, 35(09):  130-132. 
    Asbtract ( 88 )   PDF  
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    To clean,efficient and low-cost develop a cobalt mineral resources in Congo (gold),which containing 0.606% cobalt,1.45% copper,a new activation flotation-magnetic separation combined process was conducted for complex dissemination and high smud of the ore.The final comprehensive concentrate index with cobalt grade of 1.627% and recovery of 74.34%,copper grade of 4.71% and recovery rate of 88.14% was obtained.Compared with conventional xanthate sulfide method,the process has stable process,well adaptability and simple operation,which can provide reference for the processing technology of similar mineral resources in Congo (gold).
    Sulfur Flotation Reagent Experiment in a Concentrator
    LE Zhi-Qiang
    2019, 35(09):  133-135. 
    Asbtract ( 89 )   PDF  
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    In order to solve the problems of the pungent odor of the agent is high,and the product recovery rate is low resulted from the traditional collector and foaming agent are used in sulfur separation process in Luohe Concentrator.The kind and amount of flotation reagents was studied according to studies.By adopting L968 collector dosage of 100 g/t for roughing,30 g/t for scavenging,dosage of foaming agent DF201 15 g/t for roughing,7 g/t for scavenging reagent combination and the system.Finally effective sulphur concentrate with S grade is 42.56%,the recovery rate is 90.67%,the new potion excitant odour is small,and the liquid fuel need no configuration.
    Experimental Study and Production Practice for Reducing the Tailing Grade in a Copper Smelting Slag Concentrator
    WANG Zi-Tao, CHAI Yuan-Min, YANG Li-Ping, YAN Guo-Hui
    2019, 35(09):  136-140. 
    Asbtract ( 90 )   PDF  
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    In view of the problem of high tailing grade in a copper smelting slag concentrator,a large number of technological parameter conditions tests were carried out.The results show that the flotation index is the best under the conditions of first stage grinding fineness -74 μm content 64.8%,second stage grinding fineness -45 μm content 90.1%,rapid flotation Z-200 dosage 440 g/t,rapid flotation 2# oil dosage 140 g/t,second stage flotation Z-200 dosage 140 g/t.At the same time,in order to improve the grinding fineness,the revamping of the sand return trough of the first stage grinding is carried out,and the control parameters of grinding medium have been optimized.In production,when the slag contains 4.237% copper,the concentrate grade is 20.696% and the tailings grade is 0.286% can be obtained.
    Analysis of Current Status of Gravity Separation Process of Spiral Chute
    YAN Quan-Xiang, FANG Bo, LI Chun-鸥
    2019, 35(09):  141-143. 
    Asbtract ( 86 )   PDF  
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    To obtain high quality mineral processing products,the various mineral processing process and equipment are continous being updated and improved.The continuous development of mineral efficient gravity separation equipment development is especially important in the mineral processing for its green and environment advantage of gravity separation.Based on the research status of spiral chute sorting in China,the mining chute sorting process is discussed.According to some application practices of metal gravity separation chute,the application status of spiral chute gravity separation process is summarized,and the problems in spiral chute application are analyzed,provide support for development of gravity separation equipment in mineral processing.
    Research and Application of Key Technology of Anti-overload Protection of Coal Mine Main Shaft Hoist Skip
    WANG Chao-E, ZHANG Hao
    2019, 35(09):  169-172. 
    Asbtract ( 83 )   PDF  
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    In order to solve the problem of skip overload in main shaft hoisting,based on the original control system,the key technologies of emergency stop protection,speed protection and skip redundant coal protection of quantitative machine operating platform were studied and designed respectively in Chensilou Coal Mine.It has been applied in the field main well loading quantitative airport.Practice shows that the key technology transformation of overload protection has achieved good safety and economic benefits,ensured the reliability and stability of the main shaft hoisting skip safety lifting,and has reference significance.
    Optimization Analysis for Gearbox Lower-crossmember of Widen-body Mining Truck
    LUO Hui, LIU Liang, CHEN Chun-Gen, WANG Jian-Jian
    2019, 35(09):  173-175. 
    Asbtract ( 92 )   PDF  
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    Aiming at the fracture problem of the lower beam of the gearbox of a wide-body mining truck frame,the finite element analysis method is used to carry out the two-wheel optimization design after the strength check of the original scheme.Under the premise of ensuring the structural strength,the stress is reduced by changing the structure.Designed to provide an effective means of design to avoid cracking.The optimization results show that the optimization scheme significantly reduces the stress of the lower beam of the gearbox compared with the original scheme,and enhances the strength of the lower beam of the gearbox.
    Design of BF6M1015C Explosion Proof Diesel Engine Radiator
    ZHANG Zhi-Xi
    2019, 35(09):  176-178. 
    Asbtract ( 100 )   PDF  
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    China's coal mine vehicle started late,design radiator for coal mine vehicle is different from than for common road vehicle,there are great differences.And theoretical design level needs to be improved.The paper introduces the radiator calculation method of shield carrier explosion proof diesel engine combined with practical experience.According to the actual working condition of the vehicle,the example is used to further explain that the radiator design is reasonable to avoid the radiator is too small,the engine water temperature is too high,the radiator is too big,the engine water temperature is too low.The perfect design of radiator,not only improve efficiency of engine,but also increase its useful life.The trackless rubber tires used in coal mines in China started late.The structure of the explosion-proof diesel radiators on the trackless rubber trucks is completely different from that of the ordinary road vehicles.The design methods are quite different.The current theoretical design level needs to be improved.According to the actual use situation,the design and calculation method of the BF6M1015C explosion-proof diesel engine radiator for the bracket truck is introduced.In order to design the reasonable diesel radiator,according to the actual working conditions of the vehicle,the design of the explosion-proof diesel engine heat dissipation,so that the radiator design is reasonable,to avoid the radiator is too small,the engine water temperature is too high;the radiator is too large,the engine water temperature is too low.The qualified design of the radiator can improve the efficiency of the engine and increase its service life.
    Application of Automatic Control System for Underground Pumping Room
    XU Li-Hui
    2019, 35(09):  179-181. 
    Asbtract ( 93 )   PDF  
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    In the underground mining,the underground drainage system is very important for the safe production of underground mines.Because most of the underground mine drainage systems are mainly operated by manual operation,the labor intensity is high and the efficiency is low,which brings certain difficulties to underground drainage.In order to overcome the above-mentioned mine production problems,the automation of the mine pumping room is automatically modified,and the automatic control system for pump operation and water level monitoring,maintenance and energy saving is optimized.Through nearly 2 years of operation,the underground pump house is ensured to be efficient,safe and reliable.
    Exploration and Practice of Mine Water Ecological Application Technology
    WANG Xian-Peng, WANG Li-Jie, TU Guang-Fu, MA Ning, LIU Yang, YANG Zhi-Qiang
    2019, 35(09):  182-184. 
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    Through long-term observation and analysis of the main shaft lifting system of an iron mine in Hebei,this paper finds that the unloading hydraulic station acts as a single cylinder acting on the straight rail of the bucket,and the bucket is pulled into the position to pull the ore.Due to the mixing of water materials,the density of the ore in the bucket causes the center of gravity of the bucket to shift.At the same time,the viscosity of the charcoal also increases the resistance to open the gate.In the process of lifting the bucket,it often hits the straight rail and can not open the door.phenomenon.In order to solve this problem,the technical improvement measures of the two-cylinder dual-motor are proposed,and the technical transformation is carried out to realize the synchronization of the two cylinders,which makes the opening and closing gates more rapid and stable,completely solves the problem of lifting and unloading,and improves the safe and continuous operation of the system.effectiveness.
    Analysis of Local Refrigeration and Cooling Equipment in Deep Mine of Dahongshan Iron Mine
    HUANG Dan, GAO Wei-
    2019, 35(09):  203-207. 
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    Dahongshan Iron Mine belongs to the deep well mine and adopts the method of vertical shaft-inclined well-inclined ramp joint development.After the mine is broken through the sliding system,it is transported from the duct tape to the surface.Among them,the 6# drive station is affected by the heat dissipation of the motor,the cooling of the air-conditioning outside the distribution room,and the temperature of the local temperature and the temperature of the original rock,and the local temperature is too high.Therefore,in order to select suitable local cooling equipment for local heat source,The basic structure of mine cooling system is analyzed.Combined with the local ventilation scheme,the cooling capacity of the new air heat load and the heat dissipation of the equipment is calculated.After the equipment was implemented under the Dahongshan Iron Mine,the temperature of the dry ball in the chamber dropped by 6.2 ℃,and the temperature of the dry ball of the 5# duct tape in series with the chamber decreased by 55 ℃,and the worker's somatosensory temperature decreased significantly.The working environment has been effectively improved.The system has some generalization significance for the deep well mine during the development period.
    Research on Control Technology of Gas Drained from Close Distance Adjacent Seams During Thin Seam Mining of Xuyong Coal Mine
    HU Lei
    2019, 35(09):  208-210. 
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    Gas disaster is a major dangerous source which is extremely difficult to control in the process of coal mine safety production.Especially for the mines in the South,they are featured by thin coal seams,small coal seam spacing,complex geological structures and large gas reserves and so on,which all makes the gas control work difficult.How to effectively control gas emitted from short distance seams when mining is carried out in thin coal seams under extremely complicated geological conditions.It is proposed to position high location drainage lane and supporting long drilling hole in the coal seams group,to drain gas in pressure relief area and gob area of adjacent coal seams in coalface during the coal mining process,so as to reduce the emission amount of the pressure relief gas in the adjacent seams.According to the research,the proper layout of parameters such as lanes spacing,drilling length,drilling spacing and drilling position of high location extraction lane makes the net volume of gas extraction in coalface increased by more than 10 m3/min,the extraction rate is increased to more than 60%,and the volume of windblown mine gas was reduced.The safe mining in coal seams under special storage condition is realized,and the purpose of safety production is achieved.
    Study on the Limit Range of Gas Explosion in Two Kinds of Gas Conditions
    LIANG Guo-Dong
    2019, 35(09):  211-213. 
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    In order to study the law of gas explosion pressure near the gas explosion limit in two gas states,the 20 L explosion characteristic test system is used to record and map the gas explosion pressure changes under different gas concentrations,so as to intuitively analyze the gas explosion pressure law and determine the gas.Explosion limit range.The study obtained the gas concentration range of the upper and lower limits of gas explosion under two gas states,and determined the gas explosion limit.At the same time,it is also found that the general trend of gas explosion pressure with little difference in concentration is that the gas explosion pressure increases slowly with time after ignition in the static state,and the gas explosion pressure increases rapidly after ignition in the turbulent state.
    Emergency Plan of Accident in Blasting Class
    WANG Xiao-Feng, GENG Rong, XIE Jun, WANG Yi-Yong, CHANG Xu
    2019, 35(09):  233-235. 
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    In recent years,blasting accidents have occurred frequently,which makes the emergency plan particularly important.The emergency plan for blasting accidents can effectively minimize the damage caused by accidents.In order to strengthen the preparation of blasting accident emergency plans for mining enterprises,the general ideas of blasting accident emergency plans were pointed out through investigation,research and analysis of various blasting accidents,and they were specifically elaborated from two aspects.On the one hand,accident prevention.On the other hand,emergency response and emergency rescue provided some basic content for the preparation of emergency plans.The emergency plan for the blasting accident was widely publicized in the blasting enterprise and achieved good social benefits.