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Modern Mining ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 59-63.

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Numerical Simulation and Test Study on Forming Law of Blasting Crater

Li Erbao1,3,Yang Heng2,Yang Haitao1,2,Li Chuanqi4   

  1. 1.Sinosteel Maanshan General Institute of Mining Research,Co.,Ltd.;2.Lieshan Branch of Huaibei Municipal Public Security Bureau;3.State Key Laboratory of Safety and Health for Metal Mines;4.School of Resources and Safety Engineering,Central South University
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-20

Abstract: The high ground stress environment is one of the problems faced by deep mining,particularly high ground stress is closely related to rock blasting in recent years.Taking a copper deposit as the study example,based on the shallow rock blasting theory,the blasting regularity of rock under deep ground stress is studied.Through the comparison analysis of linear charge and concentrated charge blasting funnel forming law with numerical simulation software ANSYS/LSDYNA and the relationship between blasting crater volume and charge depth,it is obtained that under the condition of hole depth deepening gradually,the blasting crater volume of linear charge increased amplitude is larger than concentrated charge,the hole depth when the funnel volume proportional coefficient of concentrated charge blasting reaching the maximum value 1.67 is smaller than that when the maximum value 2.57 of the funnel volume proportional coefficient of linear charge blasting.Through carrying out the linear charge blasting funnel on-site test of horizontal roadway in north mining area,the test results conform to the Livingston crater theory,actual best depth of charge is 0.9 m,which is consistent with the simulation result of 1.2m in the range of allowable error,it further shows that using soft ANSYS/LSDYNA in blasting funnel simulation can guide the field test parameters optimization.At the same time,it is of great significance to study the law of blasting funnel forming for selecting blasting parameters and improving blasting efficiency.

Key words: High ground stress, Blasting funnel, Numerical Simulation,Linear charge, Concentrated charge