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Modern Mining ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 56-58.

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Study on Large Scale Mining Technology of Top and Bottom Pillar under High Ground Stress in Xincheng Gold Mine

Zhu Zhaowen1,Gao Zhenling2,Fu Qiubo1,Su Huan1,Wang Jingsheng1   

  1. 1.Xincheng Gold Mine,Shandong Gold Mining Co.,Ltd.;2.Shandong Gold Group Yantai Design and Research Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-20

Abstract: There are a large number of ores with high grade in the top and bottom pillars of the Ⅴ#orebody -580 m middle section of Xincheng Gold Mine.In order to reduce resource loss and expand the economic needs of enterprises,it is urgent to recover the top and bottom pillars.Considering the geological conditions and high ground stress in -580 m middle section of Xincheng Gold Mine,an upward drift filling mining method with the drift perpendicular to the orebody strike is designed.Starting from the first drift on the uppermost wall of the orebody,the stope is connected with the roadway as the end point,and the stope is retreated along the orebody strike direction.The stope sequence perpendicular to the orebody strike direction is from the upper wall to the lower wall.The stope is arranged along the direction of ore body strike and the direction of artificial false roof is just in a cross shape,so that the area of each artificial false roof exposed in each stope is very small,and the stability of roof can be well maintained after cemented filling.The study and test results show that the large-scale mining of top and bottom pillars of Ⅴ#orebody -580 m middle section is realized,the ore loss rate is about 31.6%,the maximum operation capacity of top pillar mining is 1 300 t.The above study results further show that the mining scheme proposed in this paper is simple and efficient,the efficiency is very high,which can provide reliable reference for the mining operation of the orebodies under the similar geological and mining conditions.

Key words: Top and bottom pillar, Upward drift filling mining method, Large-scale mining, Stability of roof