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Modern Mining ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 30-33.

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Geological Characteristics and Prospecting Potential of Songjiapo Copper Deposit in Southern Yunnan Province

Li Zhengzhang   

  1. Yunnan Copper Mineral Resources Exploration Development Co.,Ltd.
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-20

Abstract: Sonjiapo-Minle Copper Deposit is located in the northwest of Jinggu County,Yunnan Provinc,it is distributed in west side of Zima-Jinggu multiple syncline of Lanping-Simao fold-system,which has the superior metallogenic condition.The founded three mineralized-layers (Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ) are occurred in Sonjiapo Formation of Middle Triassic.The ore-hosted rocks are rhyolitic ignimbrite (T2s2λ) and crystal tuff (T2s1λ),and the alteration are closely related to the mineralization,such as potassic-silicification,carbonation,sericitization and silicification-dolomitization.Based on the regional geological characteristics and the above geological working results of the mining area,it is found that the ore-body (mineralization) are mainly controlled by formation lithology,fault and cleavage belt.The lenticular ore and stratiform-like ore are developed in early mineralzation period,and the secondary-leaching bonanza are developed in late stage,by effected tectonic activity,which is belongs to volcanism-subvolcanism-supergene deposit.The sides of fracture and the development area of alteration in Dadutian.Laobatian,Yichang,Huangtian area can be taken as the mineralization enrichment areas.Based on the above discussion results,it if further suggested that some related engineering verification work can be in this mineralization enrichment areas,and strengthening work in the south extendible-portion of No.Ⅲ mineralization zone,the prospecting breakthrough will be realized.

Key words: Copper deposit, Volcanism-subvolcanism, Geological characteristics, Prospecting criteria, Prospecting direction