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Modern Mining ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 143-147.

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Test Study on the Law of Dense Settlement of Full Tailings

Wu Heping1,Cao Wanbao2,Zhang Chunpeng2   

  1. 1.Xinda Gold & Silver Development Centre Co.,Ltd.;2.Hongjiang Chenzhou Mineral Exploitation Co.,Ltd.
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-20

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of fine particles and difficult settlement concentration of full tailings in a metal mine,taking the solid flux and underflow concentration as measurement indexes,the flocculation and settlement law of full tailings is studied by carrying out the physical properties of full tailings,static concentration test and dynamic concentration test,so as to determine the suitable feed concentration of the mine thickener,the flocculant type and dosage.The test results show that the suitable feeding speed of the full tailings thickening is 0.53~0.83 t/(m2•h),the LB1530 anionic flocculant is selected,the dosage of flocculant is 15 g/t,and the dilution concentration of pulp is about 11%.Meanwhile,it also shows that dehydration of full tailings can be realized by using deep cone thickener,which can realize the paste discharge,so as to achieve the goal of the safe,efficient and economic mining.

Key words: Full tailings filling, Settlement concentration, Solid flux, Underflow concentration, Feeding speed,Flocculant