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Modern Mining ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 113-117.

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Adsorption of Molybdenum in Sulphuric Acid Leaching Solution of Low Grade Molybdenum Oxide Ore by D296 Resin

Dai Wei1,He Chunlin1,2,Zheng Chunhui1,Wei Yuezhou1,2,Li Jie1   

  1. 1.School of Resources,Environment and Materials,Guangxi University;2.Guangxi Key Laboratory of Processing for Non-ferrous Metal and Featured Materials
  • Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-20

Abstract: In order to understand the effect of D296 resin on the adsorption of molybdenum from the sulfuric acid leach solution of low-grade molybdenum oxide ore,the research of using D296 resin to adsorb molybdenum from the sulfuric acid leach solution of low-grade molybdenum oxide ore with high iron and aluminum concentrations was conducted,and the effect of hydrogen ion concentration,adsorption time and temperature on the selective adsorption of molybdenum by D296 resin;using a mixed solution of 10% ammonia water and 10% ammonium chloride as a desorbent,desorb molybdenum from D296 resin,investigate and understand the adsorption effect of agent volume and desorption time on desorption effect.The results show that the D296 resin has the best selective adsorption effect on molybdenum under the conditions of hydrogen ion concentration of 2 mol/L,adsorption temperature of 50 ℃ and adsorption time of 3 h;desorption with 30 mL desorbent for 10 min The desorption effect of molybdenum is the best.The desorption solution of hydrochloric acid is used to make the iron and aluminum in the desorption solution enter the mother liquor.The molybdenum is precipitated in the form of crystal precipitation and is highly enriched,and the molybdenum in the desorption solution is separated and purified.

Key words: D296 resin, Molybdenum, Adsorption, Desorption, Purification